Peanut Butter Granola

If you were looking for the perfect granola clusters and a super versatile flavour, this peanut butter granola is exactly what you’re looking for. It is super crunchy, gluten-free and has an amazing roasted peanut taste. Eat a handful of the jar, pour some plant-based milk over or sprinkle over a bowl of yogurt, fresh fruits or compote.

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Mint Oatmeal with Peach Apricot Compote & Almond Butter (no-added sugar)

Oatmeal is definitely my all time favourite breakfast recipes. Though it has got a bad reputation for a few years, porridges are getting back to trends and honestly, there are so many good reasons for this ! The most difficult with oatmeal is to cook it correctly so it remains super creamy and luscious. I think that most people who do not appreciate porridge are mostly deterred by the aspect and consistency of it, which is understandable – I wouldn’t say oatmeal is that instagrammable – but most probably related to various cooking elements that I’ll mention below. This oatmeal recipe is summery and light, mint flavored, topped with peach apricot compote and rich almond butter, all this without a gram of added sugar !

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Miso Eggplants

The oven roasted veggie addiction is back ! As soon as the heatwave was over, I was craving roasted veggies and obviously, I went for my favourite summer season veggie: eggplants! To change from traditional oven roasted vegetables, and also because eggplants are not best simply being roasted, I decided to season it and particularly enjoy the miso and eggplants combination. This recipe origins from Japan traditionally called Nasu Dengaku, and trust me this is to die for. This is a perfect side for any asian inspired meals, and can be added to various dishes: rice or noodle based are the perfect match.

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Aubergine and Lentil Stew

Light summer stews are just amazing to enjoy comforting, flavourful food that you can have either hot or warm. It’s part of those meals you can batch cook and eat up to a few days in a row without getting bored of having ! This vegan aubergine lentil stew is such a nice dish to make and does not require too much ahead preparation or any planning. It’s all about luscious eggplants and ultimately tender lentils, well spiced up and topped with seasonal herbs, yes it sounds like heaven! And guess what, you should even make it a day earlier as the dish gets more flavourful eaten on the following day, or at least make sure you’ll have leftovers 🙂

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Crispy Green Beans with Parsley Tahini “Butter”

Oven roasted green beans may sound boring at first, but trust me it’s very hard to resist once you’ve tried it! These make such a great and healthy side dish to change from fries or another crispy vegetable. I currently so obsessed with oven roasted veggies as it gives a whole new dimension to the original taste which can a great tip if some of your family member don’t really appreciate greens. It makes it funnier and much more versatile in terms of seasoning. To bring a rich texture to the charred beans, I came up with the idea of a vegan butter which is just perfect for summer, loaded with fresh parsley and tahini based for a crazy buttery texture.

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Aquafaba Vegan Pancakes

One of my favourite thing with cooking is looking for alternatives to “traditional” ingredients or techniques. As you may have read in my post about flexitarianism, I would never fully commit to any restrictive diet, but this doesn’t mean that nothing’s interesting in it. Actually, if looking more specifically into plant-based diets you’ll really notice that it’s shaken things up in food habits and has probably become the trendiest diet ever. Ok, Instagram might have played an important role in this, but it does not affect in any way the fact that veganism provides a lot of alternatives to animal based products but also in terms of cooking techniques. Today, we’ll talk aquafaba – aka. chickpea water – and how to make to die for pancakes with it !

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Moka Porridge Bowl

I think that most people when waking up are craving for two things: have breakfast and, of course, coffee! There is no such thing as getting a warm and filling breakfast to start of the day, and what if I tell you that this breakfast actually combines everything that you need? Including your delightful morning coffee! Trust me, you’ll really wanna get out of bed as soon as you tried this recipe 🙂

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Vegan Dark Choco Mousse

As flexitarians, we become very open-minded on cooking alternatives offered by other specific diets (vegan & all). I particularly like how the vegan diet makes you rethink totally the way you cook. Actually, I would never have found out that chickpea water reproduces perfectly whipped egg whites and makes an incredibly addictive chocolate mousse.

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Poached Rhubarb and Rhubarb Caramel

It’s finally rhubarb season here in France and we love it! More than being an incredibly tasty fruit, it also suggests that spring has officially arrived and, obviously, summer is next 🙂 The rhubarb is very acidic, main reason why people tend not to consume it. However, it can be prepared in various ways, dimming its acidity and concentrating the flavour as in this recipe.

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