Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is usually baked around easter time but I suggest you have it much more often than that! First because it’s a classic and second because honestly, everyone loves it! It’s definitely one of my favorite cakes, light and delicious. I love making veggies desserts, they are such a great option whenever we are in between two seasons and fruits aren’t so good (e.g. beginning of spring).

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Vegan Riz au Lait (rice pudding)

Riz au lait is the French name for rice pudding, a dessert traditionally made out of rice, milk, sugar and vanilla. It is a timeless recipe that particularly appeals to children and will most likely recall adults of a childhood sweet and creamy heaven! As a kid, I never enjoyed this dessert as I don’t like the taste of milk. Hence, my mother used to make it dairy free and the recipe turns out to be vegan too.

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