Mint Oatmeal with Peach Apricot Compote & Almond Butter (no-added sugar)

Oatmeal is definitely my all time favourite breakfast recipes. Though it has got a bad reputation for a few years, porridges are getting back to trends and honestly, there are so many good reasons for this ! The most difficult with oatmeal is to cook it correctly so it remains super creamy and luscious. I think that most people who do not appreciate porridge are mostly deterred by the aspect and consistency of it, which is understandable – I wouldn’t say oatmeal is that instagrammable – but most probably related to various cooking elements that I’ll mention below. This oatmeal recipe is summery and light, mint flavored, topped with peach apricot compote and rich almond butter, all this without a gram of added sugar !

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