5 tips for responsible grocery shopping

Grocery shopping has become such a stressful part of our lives. It’s so easy to get lost between all the offered options, products and food trends. Our perception of what a balanced and conscious diet turns out to be quite extreme or restrictive, being influenced by the ‘new diets’ guidelines, the urgency to reduce our animal protein consumption or by the democratisation of organic products. My perception as a consumer is that these trends can be rather disruptive than forward-thinking, not always positively affecting the way we grocery shop. Isn’t the real urgency to start sustainably rethinking the way we consume more than trying to fit within ruled diets ?

It’s with these confusions in mind that I decided to developed five tips which might help you in adopting more sustainable food consumption habits in a relaxed manner.

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Reflection on Flexitarianism

In the past few years we’ve seen a growing interest in nutrition and various diets as veganism, paleo or more recently peganism. We could link the emergence of these diets to a rising consciousness on health and environmental issues. Flexitarianism is another of these new “diets”, usually defined as “semi-vegetarian”. However, I believe that this definition is a lot restrictive compared to what being flexitarian truly means.

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