Double Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Who said vegetables are for savoury dishes? Chocolate and zucchini cake has turned into the new carrot cake in the past year and there’s a good reason for that: it’s just as good and satisfying. If this became a classic in the past few years, I had a very hard time finding the perfect chocolate and zucchini cake, which is as moist and fudgy as airy. So here we go with my lighter version of this perfect cake when in need of a chocolate fix !

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Blueberry Muffins

I love blueberries and feel so happy when the season comes. Usually, it’s something you would probably eat as it is, because the berry in itself is just so good, slightly acidic and at the same time full of sharp flavours. This recipe though is so much of a basic that I actually struggled finding out in which category I would classify it as I have those for breakfast, dessert or as a snack in the afternoon when feeling like it. These muffins are meant to be made with fresh berries and I have replace the usual whole-milk or buttermilk with plant-based oat milk to ensure these are lighter, I also feel like this enhances the taste so much.

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Coffee Chocolate Brownies

Coffee or chocolate lovers around here ? Well, this one’s for you ! I think this recipe is yet THE most exciting one on the blog and by far the most delicious ! And there are good reasons for this: first, it’s brownie, second, it’s chocolate-flavoured and finally, there’s coffee in there, who could say no to this? Yes, you read this correctly, there’s real coffee sneaking in this recipe and trust me that’s the most incredible dessert (or breakfast/snack) ever. I love brownies but always face issues with it as it’s either too sweet, too greasy and usually, the chocolate isn’t strong which isn’t very satisfying to me. So, I’ve decided I should come up with a fully re-invented recipe and went for a coffee flavoured brownie which is a common but literally my favourite combination with chocolate!

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Rustic Peach & Apricot pie

This recipe might be one of the easiest I’ve posted so far on the blog! If you’ve never tried rustic tarts before, you’ll quickly understand that it’s very close to a regular pie simply fast-tracking the process a lot. So I said easy and quick? Well, this sounds like a perfect recipe when having a last minute lunch or dinner at home, when fruits are about to overripe or anytime you feel like having it. This recipe is really adaptable depending on the season and your preferences. Here’s a very summery version with peaches and apricots which bring a nice balance of sweet and tanginess into the recipe.

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Rosemary infused strawberries

I left Paris yesterday for the countryside and this feels so nice to be away from town for a few days, particularly with the heatwave hitting the country. With all this heat, you’re most probably looking for fresh dessert recipes, fruity and herbaceous, and this one is such a nice one for summer. I love strawberries and this red fruit makes a perfect basis for a light summer dessert! Most of the time, I just feel like a simple salad might be a little basic to serve, especially when we’re hosting lunch or BBQ with family and friends. To move away from the traditional combination with mint, vanilla or verbena, I made a light rosemary sirup which gives your fruit salad a whole new dimension 🙂

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Cherry Clafoutis

Today’s recipe is a classic of the French pastry. This dessert definitely is a flash back in time reminding me of childhood holidays in the Limousin region. I’ve always liked cherries better cooked than raw as it enhances the very delicate taste of the fruit and it’s ultimate juicy texture. Clafoutis really is a good option to consume cherries cooked (baked) while respecting the unprocessed product’s quality. Trust me, you truly won’t regret trying summer recipe out!

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Lemon Poppy Seed & Pistachio Cake

Last weekend, summer finally decided to make an apparition although it was very brief! Whenever temperatures are rising, I’m always hesitating to bake cakes, just because I’ll have to turn on the oven 🙂 But the lemon craving definitely was stronger than heating up the kitchen. This lemon cake is very easy to make and only takes a few ingredients. I twisted it with poppyseeds and pistachios to bring a little crunchy texture. This recipe is just about the perfect one if looking for a refreshing dessert option!

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Poached Rhubarb and Rhubarb Caramel

It’s finally rhubarb season here in France and we love it! More than being an incredibly tasty fruit, it also suggests that spring has officially arrived and, obviously, summer is next 🙂 The rhubarb is very acidic, main reason why people tend not to consume it. However, it can be prepared in various ways, dimming its acidity and concentrating the flavour as in this recipe.

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Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is usually baked around easter time but I suggest you have it much more often than that! First because it’s a classic and second because honestly, everyone loves it! It’s definitely one of my favorite cakes, light and delicious. I love making veggies desserts, they are such a great option whenever we are in between two seasons and fruits aren’t so good (e.g. beginning of spring).

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Vegan Riz au Lait (rice pudding)

Riz au lait is the French name for rice pudding, a dessert traditionally made out of rice, milk, sugar and vanilla. It is a timeless recipe that particularly appeals to children and will most likely recall adults of a childhood sweet and creamy heaven! As a kid, I never enjoyed this dessert as I don’t like the taste of milk. Hence, my mother used to make it dairy free and the recipe turns out to be vegan too.

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