Spelt Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Let’s be honest, we’re all here for the cookies and want to jump directly to the recipe. After a few tests, here is a new favourite cookies recipe. Made with spelt flour, large dark chocolate chunks and flaky sea salt, they have the perfect texture. Crispy on the edges while soft at the center with so satisfying melted chocolate. And believe me or not, these cookies are so light.

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Dairy-Free Buckwheat Pancakes & Minty Maple Glazed Peaches

This is a breakfast alert ! If you’re a breakfast lover as I am, you’re at the perfect place. This morning was buckwheat pancakes with mint maple glazed peaches and it was insanely good. I was really scared that the peaches would be so sweet that I wouldn’t be able to eat them, and would just leave them for somebody else to have. But this absolutely never happened ! It actually wasn’t so sweet but rather amazingly soft, a little tangy and filled with freshness thanks to the mint addition in there. Imagine those luscious glazed peached lying on airy buckwheat pancakes, dairy-free and low sugar, so dreamy !

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Chunkiest honey granola with raspberry and figs

I believe granola is a must have in your kitchen cupboard. I mean, all the time, all year long because that’s such an essential and a life saver for any rushed breakfast, if you need a quick dessert, or just to satisfy a craving in a healthier way. People tend to think that granola isn’t the kind of thing that can last a while, which I simply agree with in the sense that it’s so good that you might empty your stock quite fast. However, storage wise, it keeps very well in an air tight container for a few weeks. What I most love about granola is these huge chunks that actually aren’t so easy to get when first trying out to make your own. After a few trials, I finally went for another technique to get the gorgeous chunks I was looking for, and that’s such a treat !

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Mint Oatmeal with Peach Apricot Compote & Almond Butter (no-added sugar)

Oatmeal is definitely my all time favourite breakfast recipes. Though it has got a bad reputation for a few years, porridges are getting back to trends and honestly, there are so many good reasons for this ! The most difficult with oatmeal is to cook it correctly so it remains super creamy and luscious. I think that most people who do not appreciate porridge are mostly deterred by the aspect and consistency of it, which is understandable – I wouldn’t say oatmeal is that instagrammable – but most probably related to various cooking elements that I’ll mention below. This oatmeal recipe is summery and light, mint flavored, topped with peach apricot compote and rich almond butter, all this without a gram of added sugar !

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Aquafaba Vegan Pancakes

One of my favourite thing with cooking is looking for alternatives to “traditional” ingredients or techniques. As you may have read in my post about flexitarianism, I would never fully commit to any restrictive diet, but this doesn’t mean that nothing’s interesting in it. Actually, if looking more specifically into plant-based diets you’ll really notice that it’s shaken things up in food habits and has probably become the trendiest diet ever. Ok, Instagram might have played an important role in this, but it does not affect in any way the fact that veganism provides a lot of alternatives to animal based products but also in terms of cooking techniques. Today, we’ll talk aquafaba – aka. chickpea water – and how to make to die for pancakes with it !

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Lemon Poppy Seed & Pistachio Cake

Last weekend, summer finally decided to make an apparition although it was very brief! Whenever temperatures are rising, I’m always hesitating to bake cakes, just because I’ll have to turn on the oven 🙂 But the lemon craving definitely was stronger than heating up the kitchen. This lemon cake is very easy to make and only takes a few ingredients. I twisted it with poppyseeds and pistachios to bring a little crunchy texture. This recipe is just about the perfect one if looking for a refreshing dessert option!

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Moka Porridge Bowl

I think that most people when waking up are craving for two things: have breakfast and, of course, coffee! There is no such thing as getting a warm and filling breakfast to start of the day, and what if I tell you that this breakfast actually combines everything that you need? Including your delightful morning coffee! Trust me, you’ll really wanna get out of bed as soon as you tried this recipe 🙂

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Vegan Dark Choco Mousse

As flexitarians, we become very open-minded on cooking alternatives offered by other specific diets (vegan & all). I particularly like how the vegan diet makes you rethink totally the way you cook. Actually, I would never have found out that chickpea water reproduces perfectly whipped egg whites and makes an incredibly addictive chocolate mousse.

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Chocolate Bread Pudding

I think we all have family recipes that are just so easy and practical to make, yet tasty and soo comforting. The chocolate bread pudding surely falls in this category for me! I think I would even prefer baking this pudding over any kind of cakes or breakfast recipe. It is the absolute proof that you should never throw away leftover bread.

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