Coffee & Chocolate Cereal Bars

If you were looking for a good reason to snack, you’ve come to the right place. We all know about these 10am, 4 or 10pm cravings when there’s nothing on our mind, but food. It may be because our last meal was a bit too light, because we’re having an intensive work day and sometimes there isn’t an explanation to it. These coffee and chocolate cereal bars are a great options for these cravings, it is super tasty, satisfying and filling with plenty of good ingredients in there.

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Coffee Chocolate Brownies

Coffee or chocolate lovers around here ? Well, this one’s for you ! I think this recipe is yet THE most exciting one on the blog and by far the most delicious ! And there are good reasons for this: first, it’s brownie, second, it’s chocolate-flavoured and finally, there’s coffee in there, who could say no to this? Yes, you read this correctly, there’s real coffee sneaking in this recipe and trust me that’s the most incredible dessert (or breakfast/snack) ever. I love brownies but always face issues with it as it’s either too sweet, too greasy and usually, the chocolate isn’t strong which isn’t very satisfying to me. So, I’ve decided I should come up with a fully re-invented recipe and went for a coffee flavoured brownie which is a common but literally my favourite combination with chocolate!

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Moka Porridge Bowl

I think that most people when waking up are craving for two things: have breakfast and, of course, coffee! There is no such thing as getting a warm and filling breakfast to start of the day, and what if I tell you that this breakfast actually combines everything that you need? Including your delightful morning coffee! Trust me, you’ll really wanna get out of bed as soon as you tried this recipe 🙂

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