Aubergine Dip & Flatbreads

Well, just in case you haven’t realised this yet, I love eggplants and could have some no matter the way they are prepared! I used to buy eggplant dip – aka baba ganoush or caviar d’aubergine – and have always been quite scared of trying to make it at home. Though I did not look at a single eggplant dip recipe before, I though this would be a very difficult one and I wouldn’t see myself making this as an alternative to homemade hummus! A few days ago, I got quite bored of eating the same aubergine dip over and over which was too much on the lemon taste than the eggplant one. Then, I finally decided to look at recipes in books and realised that it’s so easy to make and uses only a few ingredients which got me like “I should totally try that!”. So here we go!

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No! Gremolata is not just a parsley based pesto – though it also is an Italian condiment – , it’s actually so much more than that and it tends to be much more versatile compared to a traditional basil pesto. If you’ve followed my previous posts, you know that I’m fond of herbaceous preparations and flavours. I feel like using herbs is an incredible way to enliven some basic dishes requiring tasty seasonings. You’ll, of course, be very happy to know that making this lemony gremolata only takes a couple minutes and very basic ingredients that you most probably have in your fridge and cupboard!

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Upgraded Avocado Toast: grilled zucchini & spicy crispy chickpeas

The past years have truly been the avocado toast mania literally everywhere around the world 🙂 In my opinion, avo toasts should remain a guilty pleasure, not because they are sweet, but because avocados are not grown in France, usually in large productions having a very negative impact on the planet (high carbon footprint, water consumption, deforestation). But, as I mentioned in other posts, nobody is perfect and I can’t resolve myself to stop eating any exotic fruits or veggies because they come from far away. So I still have an avocado if I really crave one and moderate my consumption to the extent with I trust is reasonable. I will always consider that food frustration isn’t part of a healthy diet.

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Wild Garlic Pesto

Pestos are incredibly useful. I try to regularly make some of different kinds and use it up in the upcoming week. It is a true life saver preparation for busy weeks as you can use some over a pasta, rice or quinoa dish; as a spread or as a dressing basis to season vegetables or a salad.

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Nutty Leek & Guanciale Tartine

We all face those situations when friends or family call to organise a last minute “apéro” on a Friday or Saturday night. Here you usually go through two stages, first you panic because you still are at work and won’t have so much time to prepare nice snacks, and then you search for your favourite blog tips and breath again! This spring recipe is really easy to make within 20 minutes and will truly impress your guests.

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Tahini hummus

Hummus literally is one of my favourite life saving recipes either for a quick and easy snack for a last-minute aperitif or to add up in a meal. It’s so easy to make and incredibly more tasty than any pre-made or industrial one. It is an amazing alternative to other snacks you can serve for aperitif, healthy but satisfying and nutritious.

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